VIPRO-D d.o.o.
Cesta Franceta Preserna 29a
SI - 4270 Jesenice


M: 00386 31 578 070


We hereby inform you that we have new bank account which is valid from 01.01.2021.
New IBAN: SI56 0400 1005 0292 161

What we do

We are company specialised in the production of electrically conductive (anti-static) tubes, with a rich and more-than-20 year’s long tradition. In our own production facilities we manufacture electrically conductive tubes,
which are designed for water drainage from mines or coalmines and which prevent the electrostatic charge flashover that represents in many cases the main cause of severe natural gas – methane (CH4) explosions.
These tubes are used also for water supply and for transferring of acids and bases (alkalis).

The tubes can be used as well in petro chemistry, electrical industry, paper industry, food industry, manufacture of machinery, water supply, metallurgy, ... (for transferring of acids, bases, alkalis, gases, fuels, for gas stations).

Electrically conductive tubes of different diameters (from Ø32 mm to Ø315 mm; 6 bar - 16 bar) are made of two special, environmentally friendly materials – high-density polyethylene (HDPE or PEHD) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE or PELD).

The production of tubes runs on our own production lines, in rolls or bars of various lengths. For tube-joining purposes, we produce electrical welding fittings for all types of diameters. Tubes can be also built into the floor and covered with
different materials (soil, sand, concrete, etc.).

All our tubes have internationally recognised certificates of compliance, which are given by the Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Institute for Mining Ljubljana, and SIQ Ljubljana - Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology.

As we are aware that every incident means production downtime and many unplanned costs, we are confident that you will appreciate the quality of our products. With the installation of our internationally certified,
electrically conductive (anti-static) tubes, you will raise health and safety standards for your employees and reduce unplanned costs.

Since European legislation requires the installation of certified electrically conductive tubes (for mines or coal mines) and since the results of using these tubes has been fruitful, reducing the occurrence of incidents or dangerous events,
you, as a successful, responsible company (both socially and ecologically), should decide to use them, too.

The advantages of our electrically conductive tubes are their long lifespan (up to 50 years under normal conditions), high strength, impact and corrosion resistance, smooth-walled surfaces that allow low fluid flow friction in comparison to
other materials, small weight, simple installation, and easy maintenance which affect the cost reduction.